Friday, July 1, 2011

Clean product review - Cinderella Multi Purpose Spray

Not only have I been busy cleaning out my bathroom cupboard, I have also started working on my laundry cupboard too. Thanks to some recipes sourced by my lovely sister, I have mixed up a great concoction to use on tiles, the bath and in the shower, as well as an ultra-simple toilet cleaner (more on these soon...)
Although I know vinegar is a great substitute for multi-purpose sprays, as well as floor and bench cleaners, I was on the hunt to see if I could find a store-bought multi-purpose spray that would do the trick and leave me with a fresh smelling bathroom and kitchen, without the nasty chemicals.

I purchased a bottle of Cinderella Multi Purpose Spray on Down to Earth Organics, but I have since heard that it can be bought in store at Leo's supermarkets, as well as other online stores.
Priced at around $6.50-$8 at most stores, it may be a little more on the expensive side compared to other supermarket sprays, but hey, it's far less toxic, so in my opinion it's worth the extra couple of dollars!

The Cinderella line of cleaning products are made from
'renewable, plant based resources, with no ammonia, phosphates, petrochemicals or animal products. They work hard and once finished with are biodegraded quickly (9x faster than standard surfactants) so they don't irritate the environment. Food grade colours provide their funky, fun colours allowing the products to quietly fade away after you have finished with them and the bottles are made out the most recyclable plastic PET.'

The multi purpose spray has a lovely minty smell to it. Kind of a just-brushed-your-teeth smell.
Not only does it smell nice, but I have found it works really well as a general cleaning spray.
I have used it on my bench tops, bathroom sinks and cupboards and anywhere else I would normally use a multi purpose spray.

When it comes to removing the difficult stuff like grime in the shower, baked on grease in the kitchen, and other stains on bench tops I honestly can't say that it works wonders. But that's only because I haven't used it for anything 'hard-to-remove' just yet!

As a general, all-rounder I think it's great. Plus, I have to say the smell is my favourite bit :)

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